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UK-day at Sandsøy!

On Tuesday 11 March, the annual UK-day took place at Sandsøy secondary school. This is an event for the 7th to 10th graders, and something they now look forward to and appreciate as a tradition at our school. In short this is a day when the pupils and teachers arrange an English school day and experience British language, culture and tradition in different ways: The pupils dress up in “uniforms” (shirts, suits, ties, skirts, and so on), there is an English lunch in the middle of the day (this time fish and chips, earlier fried potatoes, beans, sausages and mushrooms, or simply an English breakfast). In addition all the pupils bring their own tea cups, as no English day is complete without the obligatory cup of tea. And last, but not least; everyone has to try to talk English as far as possible throughout the day –all information and teaching is of course given in English, and none of the teachers “understand” Norwegian…

The contents of the UK- days vary from year to year. Last year we had our own local Englishman, Chris -------, who gave a lecture on his growing up in London and the cultural differences between Norway and Britain. The year before Nik Brandal, head of Everton supporter club Norway, visited us an gave an inspired lecture on the British football culture and his experiences with different visits, matches and teams. This year we had to make do with our own resources, and our English teachers, Oddhild and Judith had planned various tasks for the pupils to solve during the day.

First of all the pupils were divided into 4 teams, based on their football preferences. On Sandsøy, as it turns out, everyone is a supporter of either Liverpool FC or Manchester United, and they are split between these two almost in the middle, so defining teams was easy: 2 Liverpool teams and 2 Man U teams.

Then each team was given a wallet, and told that they could earn “money” (Monopoly) for solving different tasks with a content or language challenge related to Britain or the British. First we had a “True or False”-sequence where the teams had to guess whether Judith’s statements were true or false. Did for example Ingar and Ole Per once put a mouse in Joruns school kitchen cabinets? Interestingly enough a majority of pupils were sure they did… but alas; not true. And do women have a better hearing than men? Of course they do: True. The teams earned 100 Pounds for each correct answer, and the two Liverpool teams were in the lead after the first task.

Then it was time for knowledge: While Judith had prepared a Jeopardy contest with answers concerning British cities, music, football, celebrities and London, Oddhild performed a traditional (pub) quiz. The efforts and contributions of the different teams were brilliant, and the team that won in the end had actually earned as much as 6.900 Pounds all in all; Fantastic!

Still, even more interesting: Who won the intelligence battle between Man U and Liverpool? In the end the two Liverpool teams combined had 11.000 Pounds in their wallets, while the Man. United teams had 10.300 Pounds… Enough said about that…

As I write, all the pupils are watching one of the three film options (“The Queen”, “Thirteen days” or “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”) while sipping at a well deserved cup of tea.

Other important recognitions:
Thank you to our excellent chefs for preparing and serving gourmet fish and chips, Hallvard and Ole Per; You surpassed all our expectations!
And winners of Most Authentic British Pupil Performance: Emil and Fredrik!!! Congratulations!
And the highest recognition of all: Winners of the overall competition and British Champions of the year: Liverpool 2: Ragnhild, Olav, June, Vebjørn, Eirik and Alexander.

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