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Luckily - outside the public highway!
Whether your dream is going for a little row, a trip with your pail full of berries to all forgotten marshland in the woods, or just the wish to find a point at the water’s edge to enjoy the sunset - then you might find it just here. And if you want to watch how the power of the nature shows itself off, feel the smell of the waves that encounter the pebbles on the beach and listen to the seagull’s scream when you come near its nest, then you find that too here in Sande: A small community of islands outside the public highway – but still pretty central come to think of it.

You can find most things in the community; we have local shops, hairdresser’s, petrol stations, outside serving, churches and public services. And the community has a very rich cultural life with choirs, brass bands, athletic clubs, historic societies and a number of local committees. If you wish other offers, then you can find it less than half an hour’s drive from the centre of the community – and the rest of the world isn’t far away either. You can put it this way: Sande is outside the public highway, but you can still reach most of the world very quickly.

“Sande kommune” is situated just north of “Stadt”, and the community has a little less than 2600 inhabitants, placed on five islands facing the North Sea. The community has secondary modern schools on three on the three biggest islands, five comprehensive schools and as many kindergartens, only a 5 minute’s walk from where we live! We have a many-sided trade and industry in the community; farming and fishery are the traditional principal industries, shipbuilding and maritime production are the main occupation, while tourism has grown over the last years. What about an adventurous holiday with the family to a fishermen's shack near the seaside, or an exclusive Sunday’s trip to the “cathedral” in “Dollsteinshola”?

We, the inhabitants of Sande appreciate the great nature we have in our community, the good environment we can offer our children while growing up, and all the leisure activities we all can participate in. But we will all share this with you either if it is as a visit to our community, or if you would consider settling down here. We need more people who like to live “glocally” like us: Luckily - outside the public highway!

If you are interested in more information about the community, we appreciate if you contact us!

Rønnebergplassen 17
6084 Larsnes
Telefon : 70026700
Telefax : 70026701
Kommunenr: 1514 822 534 422
Bank: 3906.07.50061
Opningstider: 09.30-14.00

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